july 1, 2021

Local Bakery Debacle

Greetings friends!! This is my first blog, and it might be a little unpolished so if you are a blog aficionado or critic remember this is a SAFE SPACE so you HAVE to say I did a good job. Now that we have the ground rules, settle in. The wife tells me I can blog about whatever I want if it has to do with weddings, the LGBTQ+ community, our business or us so buckle up. Today, I will discuss my feelings about a recent post by a local bakery and I will use my feelings to tell you why the idea of Safe Spaces Weddings came about. So, not to shock anyone but I am pretty gay. It’s obvious. Short haircut, no make-up, and you won’t find me in a summer dress (unless I have been kidnapped in which case send help). So when it came to getting married I thought I may run into issues with finding the right vendors or venues that would “be okay” with my extra gayness. It adds one more stressor to an already stressful situation. Flashback to me at the florist, “What’s that look Judy?! You thinking about my future in hell while you fashion me a tasteful boutonniere?!” The truth is Judy probably did not care about how gay I am but my ingrained paranoia surfaced and would have been eliminated if I knew Judy was a “Safe Space”. “Judy, fix your face. You look super fussy but I KNOW it’s not because I’m a gay trying to get married so that’s good.” My point is most places keep their feelings to themselves so you don’t know how they truly feel and you may never find out. Cool. But IMAGINE you ordered a cake from a local bakery and it’s time to go pick it up for your special gay day and the night before you see the owner of the business has posted a little cheeky (I love British words) post about how gay folks shouldn’t get married because it isn’t natural because they can’t. even. Reproduce!! Lol oh man. THE HORROR. In the end, her beliefs are her beliefs and they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things but I don’t want them infiltrating my special day or your special day ORRRR Judy’s special day if she chooses to take a wife. We all deserve to plan our weddings with only the typical problems like, “why is our florist such a Bi$#h?!”